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It’s Our 25th Anniversary

Yes! Back in 1991 we got together and have been quilting ever since! We will be posting items from our scrapbooks all throughout the year, recalling special events and people and quilts over the years.

To start off we announced The Dogwood Quilters Guild 25th Anniversary Quilt Challenge at our January 2016 meeting! The theme is Silver Blossoms.  So fitting since we refer to our members as “blossoms” and our logo is the Dogwood Flower of the Dogwood trees so common and beautiful in our area of the Ozarks.

You must be a Dogwood Quilters Guild member to enter this challenge and only one entry per member is allowed. These quilts must be done *BEFORE* the May 2, 2016 meeting. Download a copy of the Guidelines

Start searching through your stash and patterns!