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August 2016 Meeting: Precision Piecing with Barb Hamernik

3 and a half inch Bear Paw

Bear Paw Sampler

We are excited to announce Barb Hamernik as our guest speaker for our August 2016 meeting. Barb Hamernik has been sewing since she was eleven.  Like her mother, Barb was a garment sewer and began sewing while she was in high school.  It was nothing for her to have a new dress for the weekend dances.

Barb was such an accomplished sewer that a year before they were married, her fiancé bought her a sewing machine.  She made most of her children’s clothes and all of her daughter’s dresses.  During the 1980’s, Barb sewed clothes for Mattel’s Mandy Doll and she sold them at several fall craft shows.  She also made matching Mandy Doll dresses for her daughter.

After moving to Phoenix, Barb decided to try quilting.  Her sister-in-law Judy Irish, a published quilter in the Quilters Newsletter during late 1990’s, was her inspiration.  Soon after Barb took her first class; she became addicted to quilting and like many other quilters enjoys the creative process of quilt making.


“While I don’t think of myself as a great quilter, I do strive to do the best I can and I love to challenge myself with new technique and projects.” Barb Hamernik.

Bear paw samplerBarb will teach construction of the Bear Paw Quilt Block in four different sizes:  3 ½, 7, 10 ½, and 14-inch.

Your are welcome to join us as our guest. Below is the supply list. If you have any questions please email us at

Basic sewing supplies with sewing machine for straight stitching in good working order.
Contrasting fabric. How much depends on your project. The bigger the block the more fabric you will need.

It is suggested you have Quilt in a Day Square up Ruler either 6 ½ or 4 ½ inch size. If you are sewing the small 3 ½ inch block you should bring either a Bias Square ruler in 8 inch or 4 inch size.   Any small Omnigrid ruler with a bias line going from corner to corner will work (such as the 4 inch one that has lines for 1/8ths).   Barb will bring papers to sew the ½ inch half squares accurately with trimming.

Also if you want to explore the EZ angle rulers from Sharon Hultgren (similar to the one that Bonnie Hunter uses) for a scrappier look, bring that too. The purpose of this class is not only to learn how to construct a Bear Paw block, but to explore the different sizes. Please do not cut anything until that Saturday.  Pressing your fabrics ahead of time will help the process, starch them if you are making the small block.

Community Sew Day: Baby Quilt Race

For our Community Sew Day’s our guild members like to work on our charity projects. One those charities is making baby quilts for our local hospital. To add a little competition to the June sew day, we organized a baby quilt race. With pedals to metal the members made a total of 16 quilt tops.

Congratulations to the winners, our newest members; Lori Lee, and her daughter in law, Joslyn Lee.  Our runner ups were Toni Sarratt and Christy Amos.  Thanks to everyone who participated. Once the quilt tops are quilted and bind, they will be donated to the Siloam Springs Hospital.