Ever wonder what goes on at a Dogwood Quilt Guild Meeting?

If you are curious like I am, need some friendly advice, can’t get your machine threaded, or would love to figure out how to get things done, then YOU should visit!

Hi, I’m ChristyLyn. I am a self starting, fabric stashing, sewing machine hoarding, vintage fabric buying, Pinterest pinning, and pattern collecting beginner quilter.  I began in 2014 when nobody wanted my mom and grandmother’s grand collection of scraps and fabric saved for decades.  I feel the need to complete quilts because I feel closer to them with every stitch I make.

Whats your story?  Why do you quilt?  We want to know!

The BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME was visiting a couple different guilds. The Dogwood Quilt Guild has since become my home guild. Let me highlight a few things that go on:

Guest speakers- wonderful experts from different fields such as designers, equipment dealers, scissor sharpeners, fabric dealers that come to share.

Show and tell- my favorite part…..anyone brings any project to show off that has been completed (or nearly completed) since the last meeting.

Pot luck- there is always coffee and a themed pot luck.

Community sew- many meetings we bring our gear to sew up blocks for a raffle quilt or a baby blanket race.

Education- through special guests or just by sitting next to another quilter and asking questions, education is ongoing.

Library- the guild has hundreds of quilt inspired novels, how to, and pattern books free to check out.

Friends and friendly advice- I haven’t been with a more cheerful and helpful group of people ever!

Charitable events- make a baby blanket to donate to the hospital or ten! The goal this year is to donate 150 quilts and we are getting closer to that number everyday.

Git ‘R Done list- put your project and name on this list and get encouragement to finish these projects.

Sunshine and shadows- a time during each meeting to share happy and sad events in your life.


I’ll end this post with some photos from the October meeting.

Here are some more of the baby blankets already donated to Siloam Springs Regional Hospital.


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