Dogwood quilters

Retreat!  If you are new to the quilting community this word will soon take on new meaning!

In the quilt world this is an integral part of connection…most quilters know exactly what a retreat is and what they’re getting in to when signing up. Similar to booking a cruise, in fact there are quilt cruises, beach retreats, and workshops all over the country on a variety of topics that offer…retreat.

It’s one of the forms of community that has replaced the old time quilting bees that I have heard about from my old fashioned mother in law.  The episodes that took place in my husband’s younger years where he got into many tribulations with his neighbors and bossy “girl” cousins, always putting blame his way, while all the women folk were busy hand quilting on fabric stretched out on a frame that had been lowered from the ceiling. This is where news was told, gossip learned and friendships were knit I mean stitched.

I Recently attended the Ladybug retreat in which I had some time to think about the word…..retreat. Usually retreat is used in military discourse viewed as a great idea to save an army from utter destruction. Like our great hero George Washington, who removed himself from dire straits of destruction after our young nation gained independence. Defeated at the battle of Brooklyn, 9000 patriots were doomed when the British General sir William Howe keyed in siege. General Washington and army withdrew by boat under dense fog in order to SAVE THEMSELVES to fight another day.

Our national heroes retreating is not Exactly the same as quilters going on retreat, yet there are similarities. For one, quilters quilt with passion. Some quilt to save themselves-it’s an artistic outlet and stress reliever.
A quilting retreat is quilting ON STEROIDS when the quilter can WITHDRAW from normal activities, to hightail it so to speak, to a place far away that is safe and sometimes where no cell phone can reach us zone, to concentrate on getting the project completed.  

 Not to change the subject radically- but speaking of completion rates we at the DQG have way of encouraging each other by creating a list. It’s named the “GIT ‘R DONE” list. On this list one finds projects from books, magazines, numerous block of the month clubs (BOM’s), lap projects, baby projects, group quilts, raffle quilts, birthday presents, row by rows, kit projects, binding, secret mystery quilts and more! This is the stuff we focus on while at retreat. Completing a quilt can be a challenge. The struggle is REAL. We new and seasoned quilters love our “Git R Done” list and even hand out prizes! We relish our thread, our machines, our quilts, our friends and family that we quilt for.

We need a retreat, And we cannot wait til you join the fun!

Here’s some pro’s: no cooking, hardly any cleaing, no chores, no making people do chores, no tv, no drama unless you bring it, great company, SEWING ANYTIME IN YOUR PJ’s, games, fun, help, advice, uninterrupted sleep, trips with friends to the fabric store, and so much more!

Keep an eye out for the next retreat signup!


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