November Auction

This Saturday is a great time to visit Siloam Springs Dogwood Quilt Guild monthly meeting, show and tell of recent quilts, and OUR YEARLY AUCTION!

All you need to bring is yourself. Tickets for auction are 0.25$, yes that’s right, a quarter or QUARTERS. If you have fabric, notions, old sewing machines, anything not being used in the back of your crafting closet that you need to be rid of, consider donating to the auction. (One year I got a HUGE bag of batting scraps that I pieced together and used to make 10 baby quilts.)

One quilters scrap is another quilters future MASTERPIECE!

All proceeds help the guild to fund our charities such as Quilts of Honor for the Veterans Home in Fayetteville, cage quilts for our local animal shelter, and baby quilts for new moms at Siloam Springs Regional Hospital.

This is my son’s favorite meeting of the year!!!

Hope to meet you there!

0930am at Grace Episcopal Church, Siloam Springs AR

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