Charity Quilts

One of the purposes of The Dogwood Quilters Guild is to contribute charitable endeavors to the local community. This is one of our favorite activities! We will schedule Sit-n-Sew time for some of our monthly meetings to work on these quilts. Sit-n-Sew will be announced on our Calendar page or on the front page of our blog.

We do get creative on these days! We might have pizza delivered or set up teams of cutters, pressers and sewers and “compete” among ourselves! Conversations is lively and the quilts produced are lovely!

Also, we have some members that prepare “kits” for other members to take home and finish. The kits might be coordinated fabric and pattern, pre-cut pieces and sewing instructions or a pieced top that needs to be quilted. No matter your skill level, there is a way for you to participate.

We donate quilts to the following organizations:


  • Dogwood Baby Quilts for Siloam Springs Regional Hospital  Janette Kitchen is committee chairperson for these adorable and tiny quilts. In 2017 we made and donated 172 baby quilts. 
  • Dogwood Cage Comforters for Tailwaggers, a non-profit group that works closely with the Siloam Springs animal Shelter.
    • Debbi Moore is committee chairperson for these brightly colored and calming “quilts” used to line the bottom of cages or placed on the concrete floors.